Sunday, March 3, 2013

Replay, Delete or Edit


Love the power of imagination, what an amazing gift the mind is!
A simple truth is we have the choice and the freedom to change the images we continually mediate on in our minds.  If what you’re continually looking at isn’t in line with the truth that is in your heart, paint a new picture.  And, see the manifestation of the change.  What we look at, what we magnify becomes bigger.  If you need healing in your body, make sure the pictures in your mind are of Jesus your healer.  See yourself in Christ, healed and whole.  Magnify on His love, not fear, not defeat.  Mediate on truths in the Word that will set you free to receive the power of the gospel manifested in your flesh. This is God’s picture of you when He sees you in Christ.
Abundant blessings & love to you!
In Christ Jesus,