Sunday, August 12, 2012

Healing for The World

One book that has truly blessed and inspired me to step out in faith for myself and others and receive the healing that Christ purchased for us is “ Jesus The Healer” by E.W. Kenyon. Dr. Kenyon had a rare gift for presenting the deep and profound truths of the Word in a simple and easily understood way. This blog is from his book “Jesus the Healer”
 Healing for the World

God meets man where he is. Most of the healings that were performed by the apostles and the early church were among men and woman who had not yet become Christians. They were heathens, or they were Jews. Healing was God's method of advertising, God's method of revealing Himself to the natural mind. Jesus was an intrusion into the sense realm. But today the sense knowledge men have invaded the church and taken it captive. The sense realm is the realm of the natural man, that is, the man who believes only what he can hear, smell, feel, or see. God’s intrusion into that realm in the person of His Son as the head of the church was a miraculous invasion. Mark 16:16-21 gives us evidence for this. “ He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that disbelieveth shall be condemned. And these signs shall accompany them that believe” Our confession imprisons us or sets us free. A strong confession coupled with a corresponding action on the Word brings God on the scene. Holding fast to one’s confession when the senses contradict shows that one has become established in the Word. A Satan-inspired confession is always dangerous. Remember that he brought that disease, put it upon you. Your acknowledgement of the disease is like signing for a package that the express company has left for you. Satan then has the receipt for your disease. You have accepted it. “Surely He hath borne our sickness and carried our diseases” is God’s receipt for our prefect healing. A positive confession dominates circumstances, while a vacillating confession permits circumstances to govern one. Your confession is what God says about your disease. A negative confession will make the disease stronger. Then your confession heals or keeps you sick. The confession of your lips should have your heart’s full agreement.

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