Thursday, April 5, 2012

Testimony- Tumor Gone!

Andre's battle with cancer goes back 20 years. He originally had lymphoma - the same cancer as Jackie Kennedy, in the same year. The cancer could not prosper because of continuous prayer for him. Ten years ago he had a massive attack that nearly took his life, but again with continuous prayer support, Andre overcame. Through this battle, he also received chemo treatments. Three years ago, the doctors detected a malignant tumor, 8 centimeters by 4 and 4 centimeters. He received prayer from our home prayer group and he also came to FWC about 6 months ago, where he received the laying on of hands and prayer. He experienced the presence and touch of God as he felt an intense heat in the area of the tumor. He continued to give glory to God for His healing power from that time forward. There were no chemo treatments this time. A couple of weeks ago an MRI showed no signs of a tumor. They even double checked and declared that he was completely healed of the tumor. Praise His awesome Name - Hallelujah!! Doctors say there is still some traces of the lymphoma in Andre's back and hip areas, but is not causing any apparent problems. We are believing and declaring that all traces go and that Andre is completely made whole. Blessings, Walter (Rapha Team member)