Friday, April 20, 2012

Testimonies in the Work Place

A few weeks ago, one of our kitchen managers came in with intense back pain. I prayed for him right there behind the stove. The next day he came in, his face beaming, as the pain was all gone.

Sony, a worker from Brazil, said she had an upcoming surgery for kidney stones so I asked if I could pray with her and she agreed. After 10 days, Sony declared that the stones had come out. She went back to the doctor and they took more xrays; when there were no stones showing, the nurse got nervous that these were the wrong xrays. Sony told the nurse that God had healed her!

My Christian brother, Bertaud, from Haiti, has worked with me as my salad chef for about 18 years. We have prayed together everyday and God has blessed our time together. One day Bertaud told me that his wife was in intensive care with an aneurysm and in a coma. We prayed together right then. A few days later, in prayer at home, I received a word from the Lord that Bertaud's wife would see her grandchildren grow up. I knew that meant victory - hallelujah! The next morning, my brother and I rejoiced together in the presence of the Lord over that good word. After 16 days, his wife suddenly woke from the coma and her first words were, "I will see my grandchildren grow up!"

Glory to the Name of God and His awesome ways and His grace and love for us!

Love and blessings,