Sunday, March 25, 2012

Medicate On God's Word

There is such power in God’s Word. When we take it daily, and speak it out loud, we allow it to penetrate our soul and release life to all our flesh. Many times when we are sick we seek a doctor. He or she will give us a medication, with specific instruction’s to help our bodies heal. At the time of our office visit we have the condition or symptoms present in our bodies. We believe the doctor’s words, and have faith that what he is giving us will bring healing. We allow the medication time to work, and even get refills if necessary. As believers, we sometime’s forget to take daily God’s Word as our medicine and follow His instructions on how to receive healing from the Word. God’s Word is the perfect answer for your healing with no side effects. Even better, it’s a free gift from your divine healer, Jesus Christ. No co -pay is needed since Jesus already paid your price for healing! It’s not wrong to see doctors as you are believing God for your healing. Doctors are a gift from God. We can honor them for their sacrifice and the time spent learning and helping people and thank them for this, but we need to remember to keep God and His Word first, giving Him the Glory! Scriptures for healing: 1 Peter 2:24, Psalms 103:2-3, 3 John 2 , James 5:14-15, Psalms 107:20, Is. 53;4-5 , Matt. 8:16-17

Abundant Blessings & Love,Teresa