Friday, February 3, 2012

The Full Testimony!

Testimony of God healing my hypothyroidism by Elaine Johnson

On 9/2/11 my doctor, Valerie Danielson, received the results for my standard thyroid test. It was a 5.2 rating. She considers 0.3 – 3.7 the normal range and told me that my thyroid was very underactive and she was diagnosing me with Hashimoto thyroiditis. She prescribed 50 mcg of Levothyroxine daily.

On 10/15/11 Faith Worship Center sent out an invitation for the public to come and receive prayer at the end of the Healing Conference taught by Bethel Healing Team. I went and was prayed over by a tall, young man named Paul and another woman with shorter blonde curled hair. I can’t remember her name but she is on the FWC Healing team. The first thing I asked them to pray for was the hypothyroidism problem. I didn’t feel anything but knew God wanted to heal me (and everyone else) and could feel a big anointing and presence of God in the sanctuary.

On 12/1/11 the next blood test resulted in a huge swing to 0.2 which is an overactive thyroid! My doctor immediately cut the medication in half. After several weeks on the half dosage, another blood test was ordered.

On 2/1/12 the blood test now showed 0.098 which is even more overactive. So, at this point she recommended stopping all medication as there appears to be nothing wrong with my thyroid!