Wednesday, January 25, 2012

It Is Good

At the beginning of the year, the Lord put the word "good" on my heart. I sensed He was encouraging me to look forward to a good year. I've always felt like "good" just meant okay or rather mediocre, but then God used that word to describe His creation (in Genesis) and also the work that He is doing in His children (in Philippians) so I went to Webster's Dictionary and my Bible Word Wealth to check out the true meaning. I was totally amazed.

This is a few of the examples I found:
Favorable character Bountiful
Free from injury/disease Profitable
Agreeable or pleasant Considerable (size, quantity)
Free from infirmity/sorrow Beautiful
Honorable (good standing) Can be relied upon

So, I'm looking forward to a "good" year and pray that you will look forward to the same because we know that God is GOOD!

Love and blessings,