Saturday, December 3, 2011

Who's Your Daddy?

One day at work a Stylist came into my treatment room with a woman who had hair color processing on her head. The Stylist said, " quick say a prayer for her." I had never even met the woman, but apparently she needed prayer. I looked at the woman and asked her what she was needing. She went on to tell me that she believed in God, but also used psychics for answers to her questions.

I smiled at the woman and said " there is only one difference between a prophetic person of God and a psychic. And, that is source. One is from the father of lies and the other is God your heavenly father.

I then looked into her eyes with a big smile,about to pray for her, when all the sudden I blurted out... "So who's your daddy? " I was surprised that came out of my mouth, though God knew this woman's personality. It was perfect for her. The woman laughed, we prayed, and she was mightily touched by God.

Today, I encourage you to draw close to your daddy ( Abba father), to rest in Him, to trust Him. To only allow His Word, His truth to be what you allow your mind to meditate and act on. Believe what His Word says about your healing, your future, His good plan for your life! Don't give any attention to the father of lies. He is eternally defeated! Jesus whipped him, and he knows it. When you know it, he will leave you alone. He won't want to bother you, because he has to come to Jesus first. Your an heir of God, a joint heir of Jesus!

If you need healing in your body, I declare you healed in Jesus name! I send the Word of God to you right now that doesn't return void. I speak Psalms 107:20 to your body " He sent His Word and healed them and delivered them from their destruction's." By His stripes you are healed. Amen