Thursday, December 8, 2011

Who's Perfection?

I’m so thankful God doesn’t expect me to be perfect!

Whether we have every hair in place or not, He knows how many hairs are on our heads! He cares about every detail about us. He knows everything, even our imperfections. And, yet He still loves us with an everlasting, unfailing love!

Let’s face it, our heavenly Father has never had one perfect vessel, other than Christ Jesus, and yet He loves us!

I heard someone once say “God doesn’t want gold or silver vessels, simply yielded vessels”

And, as far as healing is concerned…it’s never something we earn because of our works, how good we are, how much we pray , or how much we fast. Healing is yours already through Jesus, the finished work of the cross.

By grace you are saved, not of your works. It’s a beautiful free gift of salvation …love from your Heavenly Father through Christ!

1 Peter 2:24