Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Treasure at the Dump

A friend found one of the best books I have ever read at the "Still Good Shed", at the town dump! The title of the book is "God Can Heal You Now". It was written by Emily Gardiner Neal in the late 1950's. She was an investigative reporter who set out to write an article on spiritual healing. After compiling testimony after testimony of documented healings, Mrs. Neal became a Christian; she saw the reality of a loving Savior.

I was especially touched by the following quote from her book. This seems to be the perfect time of year to share this thought.

" 'Joy to the World, the Lord has come', is no longer merely the line of a familiar hymn. It is a reality imbedded in our hearts. Joy invariably induces a salubrious (safe or healthy) physical reaction. Couple it with a sense of security in a God who cares; confidence in a God who heals; assurance in a God who protects; and jittery nerves, worry, and fear will be a thing of the past."