Saturday, October 8, 2011

Joyful Expectation!

With great joy, you can EXPECT God’s Word to do what it says! As a child of God, you can absolutely rest and trust in your heavenly Father. Put aside all doubt, unbelief, and talk that doesn’t agree with God’s Word. By grace, you were given the gift of salvation. Jesus was your substitute for all sin, sickness and disease. God’s Will is always total wholeness in your spirit, body and mind in Christ Jesus.

One way that God releases His healing love power for physical healing is through the laying of hands. This is calling those things that do not yet exist into manifestation. Healing first comes from the spiritual realm. We know God’s Word is spirit and life. So, with an expectant heart you can trust, that when you have hands laid on yourself for healing and the prayer of faith is released, that the power of God has also been released, and God shall raise you up! This is a promise of God, and God is not a man that He would lie.

Below is a wonderful outline of what to do after hands are laid on you for healing. These suggestions come from a book titled “What You Say IS What You Get” by Don Cossett. This is now available for purchase through the Faith Worship bookstore.

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To read the section “ What To Do After Hands Are Laid On You”

If you have a need for physical healing in your body and have not had
prayer, please contact Faith Worship Center, who can connect you with our Rapha Ministry.

Abundant Blessings & Love to you in Christ Jesus!