Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Identity Theft Protection

What’s your Coverage?

If someone were to steal your identity, you would then become vunerable for theft. They would have access to areas that were once protected and hidden. Funny, how in the natural so many people go to great lengths to avoid identity theft, yet, as Christians, if we don’t have a solid foundation of our identity in Christ, we are vulnerable in areas of our lives. We give access to the one who comes only to kill, steal and destroy.

Always remember, you are clothed and covered in Christ Jesus. If you have a solid understanding and know your identity in Christ, you will walk in more victory the enemy will not have access point in your life. On days I’m tempted to stick my head outside of where I am clothed in Christ, I simply remember how good it is to be covered by Him. He is the best coverage I have ever had, and can’t beat the price for he paid it; it’s a free gift. God is so good!